Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Author Giveaway: Margaret of The North

E Journey is giving away  5 copies of her sequel to North & South, Margaret of the North

To be in with a chance of winning one of five e-copies, you can enter by any of three ways. Each way counts as an entry so that's three chances to win!

Good luck!
Closing date: 22/10/12
Terms and conditions viewable on website.


Check out the Margaret of the North blog, for a detailed insight into the book.

Margaret of the North takes off from a retelling of Gaskell's novel on the BBC series. Margaret is a young Victorian woman contending with the press of modernity and industrialization and struggling with the age-old complexities of human relationships. After marrying John Thornton, she faces challenges and influences those around her in her passage into maturity and modern womanhood.

This novel returns the focus on Margaret and how she--intelligent, independent-minded, passionate about her own concerns--curbs a niche and an identity for herself within the constraints of Victorian society. It is an homage to Ms. Gaskell, a return to themes that underscore her concerns about being a woman of her time and that had been her original intent before Charles Dickens urged her to change her title from "Margaret Hale" to "North and South."

The story includes a few illustrations by the author and unabashedly serves up a romance--both Victorian and modern--that just might hit that spot for guilty pleasures.


  1. Looks a great book that you won't put down once you open it