Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Book Review: Pretending to Love by Ashton Cartwright

I recently downloaded Pretending to Love by Ashton Cartwright on the recommendation of a friend, stating that it might appeal to my British sense of humour. Thanks goodness, I did! Well, you will see from the following review what I thought of it, but this is a must-buy for those who enjoys a good laugh.

A facetious guide to navigating the perils and pitfalls of a modern relationship, Pretending to Love will teach you how to attract the right sort of partner, trick them into liking you, manipulate their feelings to suit your own needs, and then dump them in an appropriate fashion when you get bored and/or hungry. 

Full of useful information such as: 
How to Get Your Own Way 
Improving Your Partner Through the Power of Nagging 
Meeting Your Partner's Hot Friends 
Why Honesty is the Worst Policy

Have a look at what other people have said about Pretending to Love:

"Very slightly amusing."
"Good for reading on the toilet."
"Not as terrible as I expected!"

 5/5 stars

I knew I was going to love this when I read the 'testimonial quotes'. Cartwright's outlook on relationships is dry, witty and WILL make you laugh out loud. And actually some his insights are surprisingly astute. This is rather like reading stand-up comedy, everyone can recognise these observations in their own lives. Depressingly I'm one of those woman who is easily swayed by fluffy kittens. If you have friends with a sense of humour then I would highly recommend gifting it to them. If you don't, then you need new friends.

Will definitely be hoping for more in this series

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