Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Exploring A Summer Siege: Inside Dover Castle

The other week I shared a little bit about what I had learnt about Dover Castle during my research for my book, A Summer Siege, and I promised to share with you some images of the inside of the castle. This post will be a little picture heavy as there as some wonderful images! The great thing about the main tower is it really gives you a great feel for what it would have been like around the time of the siege in 1216. While much of the rest of the castle is newer, the tower retains that 13th century feel.

So this is the dining hall, this is sat next to the throne room. Several scenes take place in here in the book, including a rather steamy one!

Next to the dining hall it the King's hall or throne room. Here is a picture of the kings chambers as well. Obviously, being the king's chambers, not a lot of action takes place here! 

The final picture is the chapel where a certain happy event takes place between Madeline and Tristan shortly before the French break through the outer wall.

“If we die here, I would have us die as husband and wife. Will you marry me?”

*images courtesy of English Heritage and Georgraph.org.uk

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