Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Author Giveaway: Exodus Conflict by Michael J. Brooks

Following his interview, Michael is offering 15 Kindle copies of his novel, Exodus Conflict. To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment with your email below or visit my website


In the year 2147, because of war, environmental mistreatment, and the overuse of natural resources, Earth was brought to the brink of catastrophe. In order to preserve human civilization, nations put aside their animosity and worked together to find a new home world within the Milky Way Galaxy. It appeared to be the perfect planet to call Second Earth, and humanity thought this new world would be all for their taking; however, a race of people known as the Zull also needed this planet for their salvation. 

Because of fear, hate, and distrust the races were unable to compromise. Earth then united their militaries to form the Earth United Front (EUF) and a war for total supremacy erupted. 

Now, in 2150, a lone journalist named Alex Mercer travels to Second Earth seeking to understand why the war has been drawn out for three years, even though the simple solution of “coexistence” could end it tomorrow. 

While on his adventure, Alex becomes acquainted with an EUF soldier named Andrea Blair, whose cold gray eyes tell a tale of death, sorrow, and hate. But though Andrea seems to be nothing more than a heartless Zull killer, Alex sees something more behind her cruel demeanor. Alex sees someone who wants to simply laugh, love, and enjoy life; and for much of his time on Second Earth, it becomes his personal mission to prevent Andrea from remaining the cold shell of a person she has become, as well as prevent humankind and Zull from wiping each other out.

Of all the wars Alex has covered, he has never experienced one quite like this, and he has certainly never met a woman like Andrea Blair.

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  1. EXODUS CONFLICT does look fascinating.I love the idea of a Second Earth.


  2. Nice prize.



  3. looks like a great book! louisemathema@gmail.com

  4. wow this looks like an exceptional read!