Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Author Giveaway: An Inner Darkness by Eric R. Johnston

Following his interview yesterday, Eric is kindly offering readers the chance to win a  Kindle copy of his novel, An Inner Darkness. You can find out more about it below. You can enter by commenting on this post with your email address and via my Facebook page. 

Noremway Parish, founded 2,000 years ago by the Great Savior Ragas Moliere, is the last bastion of humanity after the war with the demons known as the Darkness. The continued existence of Noremway Parish is imperative to the survival of the human race.

A Forbidden Love

Teret Finley never thought she’d have children. When she took the oath to become parochial vicar, the keeper and teacher of the histories of Noremway Parish, she took an oath of celibacy, but that all changes when a pair of conjoined twins mysteriously appears in the parish cathedral. She becomes a mother to them, and with the help of the parish friar, Decon Mangler, gives them love and warmth.

Rumors begin spreading throughout the parish, rumors that could undermine their entire way of life as Decon and Teret grow close. Is Teret breaking her oath by caring for these children with Decon? There is one person who will stop at nothing until she finds out—Rita Morgan, the parish gossip.

The recent death of Mayor Tomias Waterman has sent the parish leadership into turmoil, and the sheriff, Franz Phoenix, has seized control, using Rita as his lap dog. He finds amusement in her gossiping ways, and puts her to use to tear down Decon and Teret, destroying the foundations of the society, and making room for his own brand of moral corruption.

Can Decon and Teret’s love survive? And if they are found guilty of crimes against society, what will happen to the twins?

An Inner Darkness is available to purchase on Amazon and you can find out more about Eric on his blog.

Competition closes 27th November 2012. Terms and conditions viewable here.


  1. AN INNER DARKNESS does look like a great read. Demons are always of interest.


  2. Not the sort of book I normally pick up but reading about it it sounds interesting would love to give it a try.


  3. wow...this looks like a really good read...gripping!

  4. I have never read anything in this genre before, i would love to give it a try

  5. This sounds unputterdownable!! My kind of book ;)


  6. this looks and sounds like my kind of book! Would love to win this!

  7. would love to read pinkcherry1@hotmail.co.uk