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Christmas Giveaway Authors: Johnny Walker and David H. Young

We're a few days into the Christmas giveaway now. Have you entered on my Facebook page? Don't miss your chance to win a HUGE bundle of Kindle books plus some fab runners-up prizes. Also drop by author, Johnny Walker's Facebook page to gain an extra entry.

Time to meet two more authors who are giving away a copy of their books in the bundle.

EKKO is a series based on live music, touring, and dynamic stage shows, seen from the sound mans’ perspective. But this roadie goes a bit beyond the norm’. CJ has a secret craving for the unknown and his hunger has taken the stage visuals to a whole new level. He’s able to keep his ghostly pursuits under lock and key, but as the tour continues, rumors escalate, and the unwanted attention is getting in the way. Even if CJ wanted to stop the paranormal activity, he couldn’t, because he’s established a reputation in the spirit world as well, and it seems there are some dues to pay. He’s become the Indiana Jones of the audiovisual world... and the word is out.

Filled with musical references and dynamic semblances, EKKO takes a walk to some unearthly places, while keeping things hauntingly human. 
Johnny Walker is a musician turned soundman turned author. He has received two Billboard Songwriting Citations and written songs for himself and others for over twenty-five years. After spending his youth on the road, he settled down in New York City where he became submersed in the live music and theater community. While still performing on stage, he became deeply involved in sound design and began working for Ralph Lauren Media Services, Miramax Films, and name a few. Johnny currently writes music reviews for an overseas newspaper and short stories for various book projects. He continues to pen the EKKO series from his home in New York.

White Limousine is available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Owen Tremaine is in more trouble than he ever imagined. 28 years old, the founder of a software company in Corpus Christi, Texas, he thought work-related burnout was a major crisis. After walking away from his company, he's spent a year trying to reinvent himself as a private investigator, living on a houseboat. Which he realizes is a fantasy that's not really working out, but he doesn't want to admit that to anybody...yet. Maybe a few more months will turn the tide. 

But then, on a lazy summer afternoon, a good friend gets killed on Owen's houseboat, and Owen finds his body. The police think Owen's girlfriend may be involved. She's missing, and so is Owen's former business partner. Who, judging from the blood left on his floor, may also be dead. Then there's the kidnapping of a local child. turns out that not everybody involved is, strictly speaking, human. Which Owen also never saw coming. Magic? Really?

Owen's new skills get a workout. Now he's dealing with what used to be his own cutting-edge software development company, a police detective who takes a personal interest, some downsides of recent anti-terror legislation, and...a surprising discovery about local Native American history. You know, the magic thing. Turns out extinction is more complicated than it first appears.

But hey. Owen's still got friends. Too bad he doesn't know as much about them as he thinks he does....

David Haywood Young started writing books for his younger brother and sister when he was about six years old. Without any industry contacts, he was forced to self-publish. Distribution, too, fell on his young shoulders. Since then he's alternated between being a software developer and a professional poker player. On the software side, he has his own company. On the poker side, he might enjoy yours. He and his family are semi-nomadic, but they do own a home in Alaska. Just lately he's returned to his first love: writing and publishing fiction.

Shiver on the Sky is available to purchase on Amazon.

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