Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Authors: Kelly Preston and Cheryl Schull

Today we meet two ore of the authors involved in my GIANT Christmas giveaway! Don't forget to enter on my Facebook page and you can get an extra entry by visiting Kelly's Facebook event. We are giving away a massive bundle of Kindle books as well as several runner-up prizes. Without futher ado, let me introduce Kelly Preston and Cheryl Schull.
Real Dogs Don’t Whisper by Kelly Preston

Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don't Whisper book is about second chances and miracles. Read about four about rescue dogs that were ready to be abandoned because they have special needs. They teach their human about life, how to believe in hope, how to accept and give love, and so much more.


Kelly Preston of San Jose, CA is a special-needs animal rescuer with a life like no other. She and Mr. MaGoo are both authors of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper and their freelance work has also appeared in numerous publications. Partial proceeds from book sales go to FACE Foundation, where Kelly volunteers. Visit Kelly and her dogs at

See Real Dogs Don't Whisper on Amazon.


Have you ever wanted to take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle?
And how many times have you heard that carbohydrate free dinners are the way to go, yet thought to yourself that meat n green veg EVERY night would just be too boring?
Well I am here to help you to the realization that carb free dinners do not have to be boring!
A 21 Day Guide To Cutting Out Carbs At Teatime includes 21 easy to make dinner recipes, which include a lean source of protein as well as multiple serves of vegetables.
Enjoy what you eat, and enjoy eating healthy foods!


No different to you or I, Cheryl Schull is one of those women who has turned a life of sadness and pain into a reason for hope. Learning that life’s challenges aren’t always a reason to hide, Cheryl now finds inspiration in helping others to overcome their emotions and find hope. She is often called a wordsmith by others, and has an uncanny ability to put into words what people are feeling, and to manipulate words to express heartfelt emotion.

Cheryl’s continued connection with the online world and others in similar situations continues to give her an uncanny ability to write from the heart and to write in a personable tone which connects with people on many different levels.

Let her inspire you to make the most out of each beautiful day...

"Hope knows the sun has risen even when the clouds over every ray of light..."

A 21 Day Guide To Cutting Out Carbs At Teatime is available to purchase at along with her other titles.

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