Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Authors: Stephanie Campbell and A.D. Spencer

Well, we're still meeting the authors involved in my BIG Christmas giveaway. Head on over to my Facebook page to win a huge bundle of Kindle books. Today we are meeting two very talented authors, Stephanie Campbell and A.D. Spencer. Let's take a look at their books...
Ever since he could remember, Ford was treated cruelly by his parents, Liddy and Wicker Forks. He cannot figure out why they hate him so much. It is only when he discovers that his father isn’t really Wicker Forks but instead is a mysterious, red-eyed stranger that he goes on a quest to find his true identity—and much, much more.

As he heads forward down the path of danger and illusion, he uncovers a world that he had never imagined, a world of dragons. Ford must decide who he is—a dragon or a boy—and whichever path he chooses will be his future for forever. After all, once you are a dragon, there is no going back.

Stephanie Campbell had her first book published at the age of seventeen. Now, at twenty-one, she is still wacking away at her computer, one day at a time. When she isn't reading or writing, she likes to dance, take karate lessons, and run. After all, you never know when you're about to be sucked into another world. Some of Stephanie’s published works include The Willow Does Not Weep, Racing Death, Case Closed, Mirror of Darkness, Hot Wheels, Dragon Night, Poachers, Tasting Silver, Late but not Never, Specimen X, Tales of Draga, E is for Eternity, and P.S. I Killed My Mother. 

You can purchase Dragon Night at Musa publishing and Amazon.


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I hadn’t thought much about life after death … or the idea the soul can still feel love and pain long after it loses its earthly embodiment. But, that shocking truth called out to me … first in my dreams, and then in broad daylight. Spirits walk among us every day … enlightened by my journey; I am now among the seekers. What would you do if you suffered a life altering head injury? What if your normal life evolved to … paranormal? Baylie Storm’s head injury did just that. She becomes tormented by unwelcome dreams, laced with messages from beyond the grave. Baylie is unaware that a dark spirit has been awakened, and her long-time friend, Tyler Caldwell is the target. Determining the identity of the message sender becomes paramount to solving a murder, long hidden behind closed doors. As Baylie and Tyler work together to unravel the mystery, their romance intensifies … so do the threats on his life.
A.D. Spencer earned a degree from Drury University, and she resides in Missouri with her husband and three children. Although she is always a busy mother, she enjoys Karaoke and participating in outdoor sports/hunting with her husband in her spare time.
A.D. Spencer is currently writing Cursed, the sequel to Enlightened.
Visit the A.D. Spencer's web page at http://www.adspencer.com

Something You Don't Know About Enlightened ...

"It is fiction, but some of the details in the book were inspired by true events. My husband had a face-to-face ghost encounter several years back, and what he saw became the basis for Abbie's materializations."

"The phenomenon with 11:11 is real for me ... it started with a horrible nightmare. In my dream someone walked into my office and told me about the death of a family member. The dream was so surreal, I felt the pain of losing a loved one. The time on my computer screen was 11:11 a.m. I woke up crying and sat straight up in bed, and my clock showed 11:11 p.m. at that exact moment. Luckily, it was just a bad dream, but since then I have seen 11:11 on my clocks nearly every single day."

You can purchase Englightened on Amazon

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