Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Sheri Wilkinson who was the winner of our amazing bundle of Kindle books!

Here are the winner's of the runner-up prizes:

5 x The Angel's Assassin Kindle Books by Samantha Holt
Linda Drue Hays-Gibbs
Christine Mutter
Pam Butterfield
Gwen Dunegan
Rebecca Taylor

5 x The Man with the Green Suitcase Kindle books by Dee Doanes

Rolf Nockling
Colin Schafli
Caroline Mse Winner
Lisa Parker
Lynette Naleppa

Seeds Across the Sky Kindle Book by Mark Whiteway

John Wallace

5 x The Tale of Findo Gask Kindle Book by Huw Thomas

Hazel Smith
Bobbi Mooney
Claire Butler
Daniel Rory McPolin
Kelly McIntyre

Signed paperback copy of The Angel's Assassin by Samantha Holt

Christine Shelley

4 x Muses of Wandering Passions e-books by Chimnese Davids

Hazel Rush
Julia Gray
Karen Barrett
Emma Bennett

1 x Atomic Summer Kindle Book by Elaine D. Walsh

Karen Railton

5 x Shiver on the Sky Kindle Books by David Haywood Young

Melanie Gardiner
Dave Smith
Graham Fullarton
Laura Gimbel
Theresa Stuart

5 x Enlightened Kindle Book by A.D. Spender

Rachel Sanders
Marie Mcmahon
Katrina Dare
Jen Payne
Mel Cowdy

1 x Life Simply Put e-book by Sheena L. Smith

Melody Southcombe

1 x paperback copy Life Simply Put by Sheena L. Smith
Sandy McClean

1 x signed copy Fire and Ice by Dianna BelleRose

Christy Barks

1 x Gifted Hands Kindle Book by Kenneth Fenter

Viv Nuttall

1 x 6 pack eco-friendly bookmarks donated by Lillian Brummet

Suzanne Rogo

23 x The Angel's Assassin bookmarks:

Michele O'Malley
Maria Jane Knight
Sandy Goodson
Emma Wolski
Jo Ogden
Nicola Dudson
Lauren Catherine Ketteringham
Katrina Dare
Sal Hall
Victoria Connolly
Kirsty Meredith
Laura Pritchard
Steph Marie
Joyce Jones
Alison Johnson
Karen L. Smith
Victoria Cunniff
Abigail Edkins
Kelly Louise Romeo
Debbie Bird
Leila Mounji
Debbie Ann Hume
Barbara Webster


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  2. How do I get or claim my prize, my Angel's Assassin books?
    Linda Hays-Gibbs

  3. Did you email me at

    1. Hi Linda, I did email but I'll send it again!