Saturday, 1 December 2012

Huge Christmas Giveaway!

I am thrilled to announce that my huge Christmas giveaway is now open!

I have joined forces with some of the most talented authors out there to offer a HUGE bundle of Kindle books.

Feast your eyes on the main prize!

Kindle Book Bundle - Over 30 Kindle Books
See all the amazing titles you could win on my website.

Runner Up Prizes:
5 x The Angel's Assassin by Samantha Holt
5 x The Man With the Green Suitcase by Dee Doannes
1 x Seeds Across the Sky by Mark Whiteway
5 x The Tale of Findo Gask by Huw Thomas
1 x signed paperback of The Angel's Assassin
4 x Muses of Wandering Passions by Chimnese Davids
1 x Atomic Summer by Elaine D. Walsh
5 x Shiver on the Sky by David Haywood Young
5 x Enlightened by A.D. Spencer
1 x signed copy of Fire and Ice by Dianna BelleRose
1 x paperback of Life Simply Put by Sheena L. Smith
1 x Gifted Hands by Kenneth Fenter
1 x 6 eco-friendly bookmarks from Lillian Brummet

Plus 23 The Angel's Assassin Bookmarks - one winner will be chosen every day!

To enter simply go to my Facebook page, make sure you're already a fan of my page (If you're not, then why not? Shame on you!) and like the competition post.

And because I'm the generous sort, I'm also offering you the chance to gain extra entries. Each author involved will be spotlighted from the 4th December on this blog. Come along and visit to up your chances of winning.

Blog schedule:

4th December - Dee Doanes/ Terri Ragsdale
5th December - Johnny Walker/ David Haywood Young
6th December - Linda Jackson/ Dianna BelleRose
7th December - E Journey/ Lawna Mackie
8th December  - Kelly Preston/ Cheryl Schull
11th December - Stephanie Campbell/ A.D Spencer
12th December - Tyfanni Clark Kemp/ K.R Morrison
13th December - Chimnese Davids/Lillian Brummet
14th December - Mark Whiteway/ K.D. Parker
15th December - Debra Jayne East/Deborah Fenwick
16th December - R Shangit
18th December - Sheena L. Smith/Martin Gover
19th December - Elaine D. Walsh/ Gabrielle Poplar
20th December - Huw Thomas/Stephen Gallup
21st December - Vanessa Johnston/J.A. Bailey
22nd December - Nicole Hurley-Moore/Sarah Ettritch
23rd December - Michael T. Fournier/Kenneth Fenter

Terms and condtions viewable on my website.


  1. Looks wonderful and fun, Samantha!!

    1. It's getting a great response so far, Lelani. I'm just looking forward to dishing out the prizes - just like Santa!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for taking part, Dianna, and for your generosity!

  3. Just posted on my blog. Thanks for including me Samantha

    1. Thanks for taking part, Dee, and sharing your fab book with us!

  4. Shame I've only just spotted there anything special I have to do to enter?

    1. Hi Melanie, the giveaway is open until the 23rd. Just pop by my Facebook page to enter.