Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WIP: The Borderland Legacy (Part 2)

Well, after a much needed break (ooh, of about two days!), I am back to the grindstone and working on my next book. This currently untitled book is a continuation of Borderland Bride, my latest yet to be published book. Though both books are stand alone stories, as I wrote Borderland Bride, I found I had created a place that I would happily revisit again and again in my imagination.

And for those of you who have read what little information I've given you about Borderland Bride (I know, aren't I cruel?), will know that it is a love story revolving around two brothers. Inevitably one of them doesn't get their happy ending and I felt he deserved one.

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Both books take place in Northumberland (or Northumbria as it was know then) in 1370, in the fictional demesne of Thornewall. Nestled amongst the moorland stands Thornewall Keep, a grand Edwardian castle. It is home to two brothers Jake and Dominic, two very close, but very different men.

And shall see what happens to them both very soon. In Borderland Bride, there are communication problems, a difficult past to confront and some secrets that all stand to get in the way of a happy ending. But the two brothers make for great reading and have a wonderful bond. Their brotherly banter was so much fun to write!

In the next book? There shall be border reivers, a headstrong heroine and a cocky hero - sparks and arguments are a given with this one!

Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully a release date for Borderland Bride!

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