Thursday, 14 March 2013

Author Spotlight: Kevin Travis

Please welcome back my friend, Kevin Travis who is sharing with us his latest release. Here's a bit more about it:

Skyler thought her life couldn’t get much better, or sillier, after a very special Christmas. The pretty, sweet, smart, athletic girl who has long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, got to meet Santa, who gave Skyler some Magical Christmas Dog Biscuits. The biscuits gave her dogs, Rowdy and Tasha, the ability to talk! The next Christmas, Santa gave Skyler some Magical Christmas Candy Canes. Just what made those candy canes so magical? That’s what Skyler wanted to know! When she licked one, she found out. Let’s just say Santa isn’t the only special person Skyler meets. It all leads to more silly adventures for Skyler, Rowdy, and Tasha.

About Kevin
Kevin Travis has been an award-winning journalist for over twenty years, mainly as a sports writer/editor. He lives in St. Louis with his beautiful wife and best friend, Allison, step-daughter, Katherine, and two dogs, Thor and Tasha.
Born in Ohio, where he graduated from Hudson High School and then Bowling Green State University, Travis moved to North Carolina in 2000. He enjoyed the beaches and the warm weather, often swearing that he would never again move to the Midwest or a cold climate.
But, love prevails. When his wife accepted a new job in Missouri, he quickly followed.
His hyperactive dog, Thor, a Golden Retriever, provided him plenty of material, and headaches, for his first book, Home Run from Heaven.
Both Thor and Tasha played parts in his second book, Skyler's Magical Christmas.
The crazy dogs also played a part in his third book, Skyler's Magical Year.
You can purchase Skyler's Magical Year on Amazon and find out more about Kevin on Facebook.

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