Saturday, 16 March 2013

Free Read: Alexander and Sabine

I have just penned the first chapter of my free read which is published over on my other blog here. I am planning to add to it on a bi-weekly basis with the help of my Facebook fans, who inspired the hero and heroine's names. As yet, it is untitled and we'll decide on a title as and when it is finished.

So...why am I doing this? (And adding to my huge workload! LOL!)

Firstly because I'm hoping you'll love my writing and, you know, maybe buy a book or two. Hey, a girl can hope! Secondly, it's a good way of testing my writing skills and learning to work to deadlines. I'm pretty efficient but I do need some discipline occasionally. The interesting thing will be to see if I can meld in fan's ideas. And thirdly, I hope to turn it into a charity novel upon completion. People will obviously still be able to read it for free on the blog but I hope people will be wiling for pay over a little bit in the name of charity for a complete copy.

Do stop by the blog to have a read and be sure to let me know what you think. Also make sure you follow me on Facebook for updates! Happy reading!

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