Thursday, 18 April 2013

Interview with Daniel Adams, actor and hunk from Fan Girl and the Geek by Krystal Brookes

I'm welcoming my good friend Krystal Brookes to my blog today. She's interviewing one of her sexy characters for us. Read on to find out more!


Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog, Samantha. I was a bit shy and didn't want to arrive alone so I brought a friend with me.

This is Daniel Adams, the hero from my novella, Fan Girl and the Geek. I brought him along so I could interview him. So here goes:

Krystal: Hi Daniel *blushes*
Daniel: Hi Krystal. How's it going?
Krystal: Fine thanks.  So I hear you're an actor. Have you been in anything I would know?
Daniel: Well I'm best known for being in Starship Einstein. Have you heard of it?
Krystal: Is that one of those geeky sci-fi shows?
Daniel: *Chuckles* Yeah, I guess so.
Krystal: So you must play the hunky, well-defined and muscly captain?
Daniel: No I was the geeky kid. The Will Wheaton of Starship Einstein.
Krystal: Well, you've certainly grown into your skin. You're very cute. Are you single?
Daniel: No. I'm in a relationship with a beautiful Scottish girl.
Krystal: Oh *looks crestfallen* How did you meet?
Daniel: At a sci-fi convention.
Krystal: So your girlfriend is a geek.
Daniel: She was a bit of a fan girl when I met her. She was daft about the guy who played the captain.
Krystal: Oh what happened?
Daniel: Well that would spoil the book.
Krystal: Hmm, yeah, I guess. Well since you are my creation, will you take your top off?
Daniel: No. This is sexual harassment.
Krystal: Oh come on. Just a wee peek.  I mean I could have given you a big fat belly.
Daniel: Use your imagination. *Daniel winks, stands up and walks out.*

Well folks that was revealing.  But not as revealing as we would have liked. Eh? Oh well I'll leave you with a pic of what Daniel was like in my head.

Rhett Williams, the hunky captain on the TV show Starship Einstein, is coming to a convention in the UK, and Shona Ross is determined to meet him. Having spent years dreaming about the handsome actor, she nurtures dreams of becoming more than just a fan.
When Rhett does not live up to expectations and leaves Shona despondent, Daniel Adams, the geeky kid from the show, befriends her. Only he's no longer a geeky kid. In fact, her attraction to him is almost interplanetary. Can Shona get over her infatuation, forget about Daniel's weak role, and see the man for what he is now?

You can buy the book at from Amazon US and UK and in other formats from ARe.

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