Friday, 23 August 2013

10 Ways to Seduce Samantha Holt

I saw a Facebook post on this entitled 10 Ways to Seduce a Writer and, honestly, I didn't agree with most of it. 

As if writers have time to eat or even converse over a meal! I jest of course but seriously us writers are a pretty hermit-like, preoccupied type. Well I am at least. So maybe this should be 10 Ways to Seduce Samantha fact I'm going to change the title now...

10 Ways to Seduce a writer Samantha Holt
1. Lock her in a room with her computer for a day as a treat.
2. Ensure you have plenty of coffee in stock. Especially the frothy type.
3. When she goes off into a dream-like trance, DO NOT say a word!
4. Don't complain when she wakes up at 2am searching for a pencil and notepad. Instead have a notepad and pen at the ready.
5. Rescue the slowly burning tea when she's lost in writing having promised herself she'd only write for half an hour more.
6. Pat her lovingly on the back as she bangs her head against the keyboard in frustration.
7. Don't get jealous when she falls in love with yet another hero.
8. Remind her that her writing doesn't suck, that 2 star review doesn't count for much and that she will finish this book even if it seems like she never will.
9.Celebrate the short-lived highs with her and commiserate the long-lived lows.
10. Read her books. It will give you an insight into her crazed mind.

Does anyone have anything to add to that? Reading that, it makes me realise just how hard our partners have it. I'm fairly sure they didn't realise what that were signing up for, so I think we have to be really grateful to them for putting up with us and supporting us on the adventure that is writing.

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