Monday, 30 September 2013

Rise of Xosha Scavenger Hunt

Oceanus had about enough of Pyre and his nonsense. He issued a short growl and rushed the smaller dragon, knocking him away from Rose. Pyre hissed as he toppled onto his side with a thud.
“Enough! I will not tolerate this insubordination from you, Pyre!” Oceanus roared as he peered down at his younger brother.
Pyre glared up at Oceanus with a hate like no other in his amber gaze. “You’d side with that freak over your blood and your horde, Oceanus?”
“If you truly think that, Pyre, then you have no place here. Why do you not go and join the humans and be their puppet like the Anjyls.” Oceanus growled as he turned his back on the young red to face Rose.
“Oceanus… You shouldn’t say such things to him, he’s your brother.” Rose chastised softly.
Oceanus looked to her and sighed. “He is just so hard to deal with sometimes… Enough about him for now. I assume he will either calm down or leave, but he shouldn’t be a bother for you anymore.” He looked around wondering how they were supposed to live here with the mountain in the way.
As if reading his very thoughts, Rose let a smile play on her lips. Her silver depths danced in a way Oceanus had never seen before, and truly to him, she looked even more beautiful than she always did to him. “What has you all giddy, Rose?” He asked curiously.
A gentle breeze wrapped around him before carrying itself off. Rose craned her elegant neck and looked to Oceanus. “The spirits have told me how to make what they wish possible.
Oceanus’ cerulean orbs widened as he looked to her. “So this isn’t Xosha?”
This made Rose chuckle. “Of course it is. It just isn’t finished, yet.”
“What needs to be done to complete it?” Oceanus asked eagerly.

“The browns. I will need their cooperation.” was Rose’s only reply.