Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Highland Beauty by Krystal Brookes

Everyone knows about Sadie MacNeil's secret apart from her ex-boyfriend, Calum. It was her secret that drove them apart. Having decided that the single life was the best thing for her, Sadie has returned to Kilrigh to begin again. She doesn't bank on Calum following her up to the small Hebridean island.
Try as she may, Sadie can't convince either Calum or herself that she's over him. She begins to find ways to continue their relationship while keeping her secret—ways that require her to be inventive in the bedroom. But will the consequences of an irresponsible night on the beach be the thing that pulls them together or destroys their relationship forever?

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Looking out on the over the inky black waters, with his arm around her shoulder and their bare feet touching
in the cold water, Sadie could believe that she was happy. It was the most content she had felt since… well, she couldn't remember the last time she had felt so content. Probably before the accident, and that had been years ago. 
They chatted about Brodie's baby and the gossip on the island and about their friends back in Glasgow. She nestled closer into his side, and he welcomed her, hugging her tighter. Then he turned to face her, took her in his arms and placed his lips against hers. He waited patiently for her to make her decision.
She stuck her tongue out and licked his lower lip. As she ran her tongue along his lip again, she realised the inevitability of this moment. They wanted each other. And sex would happen. But she had to control it. To not let him see her stomach. To not put herself up for rejection. Maybe there were ways around the problem.
As she opened her lips to let his warm, wet tongue sweep around her mouth, his grip on her ass tightened. She pressed her hips against his sporran. She needed to get rid of the bloody thing so she could feel his cock press against her. Their tongues, lips, and teeth were locked in a battle—a battle of mutual enjoyment.
As he pulled his mouth away, only to change the angle of his head and capture her lips again, she moaned. It was a moan of both pleasure and anticipation. She had her plan in place. She could give him what he wanted and he'd still be none the wiser. 
She pulled away and caught his hand, guiding him back to shore and up into the caves. There was an area of cave wall which was perfectly flat, if not entirely smooth. She'd done her fair share of heavy petting down in these caves as a teenager. And now she was going to go all the way with the man she loved. 

Krystal lives in south west Scotland and is more than happy to admit to being a complete geek.
She has a passion for reading Regency romance and looks forward to the day she meets her own Mr Knightly. Having been put off both reading and writing in school, Krystal is slightly ashamed that she has not read many of the classics.  Her aim for 2013 is to finish Jane Austen’s works and also read “Jane Eyre.” In her spare time, Krystal enjoys driving up through the Highlands of Scotland, attending conventions and meeting hunky celebrities. 
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