Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hot Hump Day!

In an effort to become more organised, I'm continuning with the hot hump day theme. Though don't worry, you don't need to avert your eyes, it's all strictly P.G!

So to kick us off, it's an excerpt from my good friend, J.A. She's sharing a steamy moment from her book, Haunted by the Highlander. And I do so approve of the heroine's name :D
Samantha stared at him as his fingers lingered on her calf, stroking absently. An odd pressure pushed against her back, like icy cold fingers, and with a slight cry, she flung herself forwards. She looped her arms around the man’s neck and he gave a startled grunt before wrapping his arms around her waist.
He gazed down at her and she realised now his eyes were green. Deep, dark green and they sucked her in. “S-sorry,” she flustered but before she could pull back from him, he swooped down and captured her lips.
A vague part of her wondered if she should pull away--I don’t even know his name--but his tongue invaded her mouth and all thoughts of escape left her and she moaned against him. God, this man knew how to kiss!
His lips were oddly cool but her body surged with heat as his tongue clashed with hers and she snaked her hand up through his hair, tugging at the silky strands. He growled and pressed the kiss deeper, increasing the ache between her thighs as his hands kneaded her back. The man hauled her onto his lap and she stiffened and made a sound of surprise as the evidence of his desire prodded her bottom.
Releasing her mouth, he looked at her with regret. "Sorry."
Samantha shook her head rapidly. "Don't be...I..." She sucked in a breath as she noted the hungry look in his eyes. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him. This gorgeous, sexy Scot wanted her. She allowed a smile to thread its way across her face. "I'm not."
Studying her for a moment, he tangled a hand into her hair and swept it back from her face. "Good," he said before claiming her lips once more.

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