Thursday, 30 January 2014

Marketing 101 - Marketing for Authors: Beeeee Yourself!

We're in a brave new world where authors are no long purely names on a book or pictures inside a cover. Your brand very much includes you. The readers want to meet 'you.' Once you are more than just a name, they will remember you and if you're super nice, maybe they'll even show you some extra support. Readers are very canny at knowing which authors are genuine and which aren't. Try not to be someone who just chucks buy links at them all the time.

~ If you have a Facebook page, try to interact and show your appreciation for every comment or like. In this busy world, the smallest gesture of their time is a big thing.

~ Share updates about your WIP on your blog or social pages. Invite readers to ask you questions. Don't bore them to death with the writing process. It may be fascinating to us but they want to know about the characters, the story. Show them how exciting and awesome your book is.

~ If you're not under a penname, having a good quality photo of yourself is a good idea. People like to put a face to a name. Most photographers can do an amazing job. Seriously, I am one of the most uncomfortable people to photograph. My expressions are almost always weird, but my photographer did an amazing job.

~ Share what you're comfortable with. You don't have to give away all the intimate details of your life but if you're off on holiday, perhaps let readers know or if you're celebrating a birthday, let them join in. You don't have to even reveal how old you are.

Be fun, don't just be a marketing machine, and readers will remember you!

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