Sunday, 12 January 2014

Marketing 101 - Marketing Tips For Authors: Spreading the Love.

Why should I market another person's book? you may ask yourself. Aren't we in competition?

Well, yes. But there are so many billions of readers out there that it really doesn't matter if they buy another author's book.

My tip for this week is: Spread the Love.

Networking is a vital tool. And I don't just mean adding someone on Twitter or Facebook and immediately sending them your link. I mean building a relationship and not just thinking about what is in it for you, because actually that's the most beneficial thing for you.

I regularly feature authors on my blog. What does this do? Well, it exposes them to my followers and readers but also it brings in their readers, so I'm also reaching new people. It's all very well marketing to the same people over and over but what you want is fresh blood!

I also work on Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains to help promote other authors. This doesn't have a direct benefit for myself, aside from when we do group events and blog hops. But it's allowed me to develop some amazing relationships with fellow authors who never fail to help when it comes to new releases. People remember kind acts. They also remember selfish acts.

It's hard for people to see past themselves sometimes. Writing can be a selfish job. We concentrate on these characters in our heads and forget about the rest of the world. If you want to succeed in writing, don't be a bitch and trample on others and try not to think of your time spent helping others as a quick fix, but more a long term investment.

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