Friday, 2 May 2014

Not Another Soldier Excerpt and Sale!

Not Another Soldier is on sale for 99c/77p until Tuesday! You can pick it up from | Amazon UK

Glancing down, I note she’s still wearing that blood-soaked shirt. Stupid, selfless woman hasn’t even thought to get changed. I’m willing to bet she’s been pacing and debating calling for an ambulance for me.
“You could do with a change of clothes, babe.”
Sienna blinks and looks down. “Oh yeah, I forgot.”
“Well don’t let me stop you.” I let a big smile spread across my face as I lie back and prepare to enjoy the sight.
One sassy eyebrow raised, she shakes her head. “You’re terrible.”
“Yep, but you love me for it.” The words are out of my mouth before I even think about it.
Her cheeks go instantly red and she jumps up and starts rummaging for a clean top in the wooden dresser. I’m probably smirking but I love that she doesn’t deny it. Her discomfort must mean something, right?
She fumbles with her shirt while I force myself up to sitting and swing my legs over the bed.
“What are you do—”
I’m on her quickly before I can think twice or succumb to the way my skull feels like it’s going to explode. No way am I missing this opportunity. I snatch her wrist and pull it away, leaving her shirt open. Turning her toward me, I spread either side of her top and admire the soft swells peeking over a cute pink bra. Her nipples are already hard through the cotton and her breasts rise and fall in an incredibly enticing way. She gapes up at me as I splay my hands around her waist, her smooth skin beneath my hands making me harder than ever.
“Do you?” I ask, my voice gruff.
“Do I what?” she breathes.
So that’s how she’s going to play it. I can tell she knows exactly what I mean. She just needs a little persuasion. Well, the pain in my head is almost gone and I relish a challenge. With one finger, I brush aside her hair and bring my lips down on her ear with a feather-light touch. Sienna is so responsive and I’ve quickly learned her neck and ear are the place to go for. She quivers and I trail my lips down her neck and back up.
Nipping at her lobe, I pause to whisper. “Do you love me?”
She whimpers as I rake my teeth over her neck and bring a hand up to caress one breast. I love the sexy little noises she makes. If only she knew how hot she makes me. It doesn’t seem to matter what I say or how I say it, she can never understand how much I want her. Like all the time. I feel like a teenager again around Sienna.
“Just say it.” I skim my mouth over her chin and up to her lips, pausing to lick at the corner. She tastes so good it takes all my willpower not to press her mouth apart and taste every inch of her. “I. Love. You. Three words, babe, it isn’t hard.”
“Nick…” she moans my name.
Now I’m tense all over. It’s ridiculous how quickly she can drive me to the edge. But she isn’t going to give in. Damned stubborn woman.
I pull back and rest my forehead on hers, stroke my fingers across her cheeks. “I love you, Sienna. Probably always have. You’re sweet and sexy, and clever and funny. I want to make you mine, sweetheart. For good.”

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