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Christmas Giveaway Authors: Nicole Hurley-Moore and Sarah Ettritch

Today I welcome fellow medieval and paranormal romance author, Nicole Hurley-Moore and fantasy author, Sarah Ettrich. Nicole is offering a copy of Capturing Bliss as part of the massive book bundle I am giving away and Sarah is generously giving away two of her books. Enter via Facebook for your chance to win.
To save her sister, Lady Blissot de Woodville exchanges places and marries a handsome stranger. But lies born from love have the power to destroy... 

Capturing Bliss - Excerpt
Woodville Manor, England - 1139 AD.

“Nay Bliss, it cannot work!”

Lady Blissot de Woodville turned from the casement and regarded her beautiful younger sister. “Aye, it will work.” She said with growing determination in her voice. “It will work and I will see you safe and happy.”

“I cannot stand by and let you sacrifice yourself for my sake.” Ivetta announced with a shake of her golden head. “I will do as our uncle and King wish and marry this so deemed hero from the north, and thereby proving our family’s allegiance to King Stephen and his claim to the crown.”

“Ivetta, do you love Lord Adelard Bernier?”
“More than life.” The words slipped out of Ivetta’s mouth before she could restrain them. She took a steadying breath before she continued. “Tis true, I love him; he makes my heart beat faster when he is near. I long to be with him - I long to be his wife. Yet I will not let these feelings outweigh my love for you and I will not sit by whilst you ruin your life.”
Bliss walked across the cool stone floor and sat down on the bed next to her sister; she placed her arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze. “I am not ruining my life nor am I sacrificing myself. If I take your place and marry Lord William Reynard, I will be securing both our futures. This could be our chance at happiness.”

Nicole has always loved medieval history, fairytales and myths. Which is probably why she writes historical and paranormal romances. Her works include, The Trinket Seller’s Daughter, Capturing Bliss and Until the Stars Burn Cold. A medieval tale, Misrule’s Mistress will be released this Christmas.

She lives with her family in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia and is a member of The Romance Writers of Australia, Historical Hearts and The Dark Side Downunder.

You can purchase Capturing Bliss at Pink Petal Books and on Amazon.
Nicole's Website:


“For those who were born before or after their time…”
That described Pam. She’d always felt that she’d been born too late—there was no chivalry in the world anymore.
She’d only wanted to commune with the universe while reading a “moon rhyme” in the antique book she’d purchased from the local New Age shop. She had not expected guests—especially not Jasper and Margaret, summoned one hundred years into the future by the rhyme just as Jasper was proposing to Margaret.
Now the displaced visitors insist that they be returned to 1910, and Pam and her roommate Robin agree. But the rhyme won’t work until the next moon cycle, and in the intervening month, forbidden love blooms between Pam and Jasper, and Robin and Margaret. At the appointed hour, Pam re-enacts the recital of the rhyme that brought the time-crossed couples together…but it doesn’t work exactly as planned.
Sarah Ettritch writes science fiction and fantasy stories featuring strong female characters. Her protagonists are often (but not always) lesbian. She’s the author of The Atheist, the Rymellan Series, The Salbine Sisters, and Threaded Through Time. Sarah belongs to several organizations related to writing and publishing, including EPIC and Broad Universe, an organization that celebrates and promotes women writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
You an purchase Threaded Through Time on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.
Find out more about Sarah on her website and Facebook page.

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