Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Authors: Vanessa Johnston and J.A. Bailey

We're slowly coming to the end of my big Christmas giveaway. Don't forget to enter on my Facebook page for your chance to win a big bundle of Kindle books as well as other prizes. The giveaway closes on the 23rd! Time to meet two more authors that are giving away a copy of their books. Be warned, they will both get you hot under the collar!
For her big audition as the lead singer for The NicNacs, Marcy Wilkin wears a sexy mini-skirt, stilettos and a low-cut top. With her voluptuous double-D size she doesn't need a push-up bra to show off her ample cleavage. She knows she's hot and she sings her heart out, expecting to get the gig. But when The NicNacs insist on a different game plan, Marcy can't believe what she hears. This was supposed to be her big chance. But she realizes she can't afford to let it go. That's when she makes a decision that will change her life forever. It takes her on a path she hopes will bring her success and love, or at least admiration. Besides, anything's better than her job at Dilmar's Department Store. But in her rush to grab this opportunity, her rash behavior with a handsome stranger distracts her from realizing the danger that surrounds her.

Vanessa Johnston is an actress who lives in California. When not writing or acting, she paints abstracts and enjoys nature walks.

You can purchase Dangerous Interlude from Secret Cravings Publishing.

Jess never does things like this.

Jess never meets strange men in a hotel for one night of pure passion. And yet here she is. The 
elusive stranger lures Jess into a world of beautiful pleasure for one night only. She knows the mysterious man is hiding something. Will this captivatingly erotic man reveal all or will she remain forever in the dark?

J.A. Bailey hails from England and writes full time. She loves to write about strong, dominant men and intelligent, everyday women. Her next story, A Private Lesson,  is coming out in April with Secret Cravings Publishing.

You can purchase Dark Desire on Amazon.

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