Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Authors:Sheena L. Smith and Martin Gover

Today's featured authors are all about improving your life with their words of wisdom. If you fancy winning a copy of their books, then head on over to my Facebook page to enter into my huge Christmas giveaway. We have tons of books to giveaway as well as other prizes.
"Life Simply Put" is a mothers view on 18 Simple Words for an Abundant Life. It is the authors hope that through reading this book you will be inspired to dream big, laugh often and live a life full of adventure and truth. May you always give and get respect and know that you matter Relieve Stress - Live your best life - Be good to yourself This is the kind of book you may read through all at once then during different times in your life you may reread various sections to reflect on decisions and life choices for the pursuit of your happiness and well being.

Sheena loves meeting others and enjoys helping adults and children, alike. Her paths in life have led her to a blended career life, which allows her to work with both children and adults.
She has many years of experience in the Food Service Industry and in Food and Nutrition-related businesses. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Sheena has her diploma as a Child and Youth Worker and has abundant experience counseling individuals and groups.
She is a licensed Brain Gym ® Consultant and Instructor. She works as a Special Educational Assistant. Sheena loves to dedicate her time to helping others be the best that they can be, for themselves to live happy, prosperous and abundant lives. She’s a mother of 6 children – a yours, mine and ours family (2 have special needs: one with Spina Bifida and another with Down Syndrome).
Sheena lives in Canada, but loves to travel and see the world. She loves to have fun and experience life to the fullest.
Learn more about Sheena on her blog. Life Simply Put is available to purchase from Trafford Publishing.
We cannot truly control or alter or affect Time.
Digital clocks, quartz watches, atomic clocks don’t measure ‘time’ they are just devices that show us, change.
No matter how you fiddle with a clock or a watch - you can make a clock slower or faster, put it ahead or back – it doesn’t affect the sunrise, or the galaxy speed, or death (or taxes)- or change. It’s just a game.
Change is a constant. Whatever you do – change happens. It’s not something we control.

But -we can absolutely control or learn to control one thing, one very important thing, a game changer –

Our actions - Our responses: to events… to change… to outcomes… to effort…

‘Time management’ is really always ‘task management’ or ‘action management’. It’s about creating directing and focusing on tasks that produce the intended result.

The result is what we call – the goal.

This little eBook will train you to get your mind around what can and what can’t be done and direct your energies in the best way possible to get goals accomplished.

Achievement is a peculiarly human journey. And what a journey it is!

Time to start -

Oh - and there is a Trick to it – we’ll explain.

Martin Gover admits to writing and producing a few  plays and writing eBooks for Kindle (though not at the same time). He has 7 ebooks currently on Amazon Kindle and is in the process of adding one more.
He secretly harbours the dream of writing a novel, but so far has only nervously waded ankle deep into those treacherous waters.

Martin Gover lives in Vancouver BC, Canada, where he writes and works.
You can learn more about Martin and his work on his website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Time Control is available to purchase on Amazon.

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