Friday, 18 January 2013

False reviews

I have no idea if this blogpost is still getting traffic from Goodreads and the writer's forums - frankly I've gone down the route of 'ignorance is bliss' but for those of you that may be following this (I'm getting a lot of traffic from somewhere still and my blog posts aren't that interesting!), as far as I'm aware Goodreads have taken action and deleted all the fake reviews - which seemed to come from Vietnam apparently. I've not looked - again ignorance is bliss - it's too painful still but I'm thankfully back to burying my head in writing. I'm laying low still - my blog is not as active, you may notice, as it was  - but I'll not give up doing what I love and will be back on the promo trail in the near future. I am saddened that the first conclusion people jumped to was a negative one but understand that those who don't know me have no reason to think otherwise. However, these forum posts have damaged all the work I put in in the last year months in promoting myself and other authors. So, if you see anything like this occurring again, to me or anyone else, please get in touch with them first. We are human and we do hurt. We are not just a name. In the meantime, I am leaving the 'explanation/apology' up for those that want my side of things but for me, this is the end of it. Onwards and upwards.


So very recently I received a  message through Goodreads. It drew my attention to the fact that it appeared a whole load of false reviews had been made on my book. I'm not sure why but it occurred at the same time as a free promotion. I will admit to be quite shaken - each of these reviews looks strange and is obviously very damaging to the individual book and my reputation as an author. Those of you who I talk to will understand that this is NOT what I'm about and I fear I have been - dare I say it - a victim of some of the bullying that goes on in the author community. I must add that the authors who I consider my friends are wonderful, giving people and we all help each other in every way we can.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the concept of fake reviews is very high in the public's mind since some well-known authors have admitted/confessed to using them and even writing nasty reviews on their competitors books. While no-one likes poor reviews - oh boy, are they painful! - they can help if they are constructive and believe it or not, particularly on Amazon, they boost your sales! This, I believe, is because readers are able to make a proper, informed decision.

I do offer free books to reviewers but this is always on the understanding that an honest review is offered. Needless to say, I'm a little shaken up by this message and have been in contact with Goodreads concerning it. I hope that those who read and enjoy my books have no fear of being mislead and if you have any questions concerning reviews or anything, I welcome it! Thanks as usual for your support.

Have just heard from Goodreads support and they are investigating the false accounts. Hopefully they will be removed and this can be forgotten. In the meantime, I am keeping a low (as far as possible) profile so I don't attract any further attention as I don't want a repeat of this. I hope whoever perpetuated this has had their fun and it can be forgotten. I would appreciate those in the forums dropping it too, as I'm sure you can understand this has been painful and damaging. Thanks again for any support. I am not looking at Goodreads or any other forums where my name has cropped up so I have no idea what is being said but appreciate anyone that has supported me.


  1. I hate to hear that this has happened to any author. Goodreads can be a blessing and a curse to authors... best of luck.

    1. Thanks Dominique, your support is ever so much appreciated. Unfortunately since writing this, I've found out that similar things have happened to a few of my author friends, prompting them to leave Goodreads. They certainly need to make it harder for people to create fake accounts and reviews particularly in the quantity that these ones were. I must admit I am very burned and wary about putting myself in 'out there' so to speak which is a shame as I loved being active within the author community. I've since deleted my Goodreads account. The goings on are just too painful and I had to consider how it impacted on me and my home life. I'm very grateful to those in my fanbase and my author friends who all stepped up and showed their support.