Thursday, 24 January 2013

The best Writer Memes

I come across these meme's quite a lot and post my faves on my Facebook page but I thought I'd chuck them all in one place.

I'm not sure about all of these and I pray I don't think of myself as quite so melodramatic as the fifth one. I'm sure as heck not writing life changing literature but hopefully bringing a few stomach flipping romantic moments into someone's life. However, I have met the odd author or two who certainly fits the category. The last picture is very close - I do a lot of Googling but realistically it should be a Facebook screenshot.

The partner one is definitley accurate though you need to replace the beer bottle with a cup of coffee and 'What I Really Do' is me at several points during the day. 

I like the middle one. Do I think I create magic? Well maybe a teeny bit of romantic magic, but I hope my ego hasn't swelled that much. 

This my favourite, only because of the monkeys. If only it was that easy!


  1. I love these things. I laughed the first time I saw one. It was the middle one, and my husband must so think I'm like the drinking dude pictured. I'm always settling down for my break time when he's getting ready to go to the job he hates. But the fact is I do most of my writing when he's at work because I need to be alone. So I write before he gets up and then I write after he leaves. There's a good stay-at-home mom meme too. That's what everyone thinks I am, and society thinks I have it so easy because I NEVER have a day off, I'm on duty 24 hours a day, and if anything goes wrong, it's my fault that I forget to make it go perfectly.

    1. I've not seen that one Tracy, will have to dig it out. Being a stay at home mum is the hardest job out there because it's so emotionally tiring as well as physically. I also think it's the best job too, but it's a shame mothers don't get as much recognition as they should.