Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tortured Hero Blog Hop

So sadly the tortured hero blog hop has been cancelled but I thought I'd still post about tortured heroes. I love tortured heroes. There's something about that chip on their shoulder and the thought of them finding that one person that can heal their hearts, that I adore. Today I'm interviewing my ultimate tortured hero, Nicholas from The Angel's Assassin. Nicholas is a man with a very dark past so this should be interesting...

Hi and welcome, Nicholas. How are you?

*Nicholas' brow furrows as he takes in my appearance and shifts in the chair.* Good day, my lady. I am well enough.

So today I'm talking about heroes - do you consider yourself a hero?


But you saved Annabel, didn't you?

Aye, though she need not have been in danger, had it not be for...


*His eyes narrow and he sighs.* My actions put her in danger. I will say no more.

Ok, I can see I'm not going to get anything more on that from you. You and Annabel are married now, aren't you? What is it about Annabel that you love the most?

You have met Annabel, have you not?

I have.

Well, you should know well enough what I love about her. She is an angel.

To you?

Nay, an angel from heaven. She saved my soul.

Wow, that's quite impressive. Why did your soul need saving?

I wish not to speak of it. I am not proud of my past deeds. *He fixes me with his dark gaze.* But I am a changed man now.

I can see that. So what does the future hold for you now?

I know not, save that I will work to ensure Annabel wants for naught. That's all that matters.

Well thank you for your time, Nicholas, I hope you and Annabel well be very happy together.

*His face softens* My thanks, my lady. *He glances around the room* This is a strange home...

I send Nicholas away before my phone rings or he notices my computer. No sense in scaring him too much! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nicholas - as you can see he's not the easiest of characters to converse with. Annabel definitely has her work cut out, so it's a good thing she's pretty tenacious! So what makes a tortured hero for you? 

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