Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Author Spotlight: Matt Langford

Please welcome Matt to my blog today who is sharing with us his book, The Watchman. Read on to find out more!

Adam is a young man with two simple needs - regular cups of tea and a suitable window to watch from. Follow his journey into adulthood as he describes his life, his family and the challenges of his disability.  Along the way he moves house, tortures his gran, watches as his siblings grow and leave, and, ultimately, face one of the awful truths of life - people change.  A sad, tragic journey.

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Author Bio

Since deciding some years ago that writing would be a fruitless, difficult career path, and that I should really devote my time to something more sensible (say, accountancy or nursing), I have written several books and dozens of short stories and essentially given myself over to the typewriter at the expense of my hair, my looks and my physique..Demotivation seems to be key here.The problem seems to be, however, that once I write a book a magic unicorn named Bob comes along to edit, rewrite and tidy up my work. Bob has been absent. With this in mind I have spent the last year editing, tidying and rewriting a dozen of my shorts and a couple of my novels.They are now ready for publication. Share and enjoy...The nursing, by the way, is going brilliantly. My young children and my wife are extrememly grateful.

You can find Matt on his blog and Facebook.

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