Monday, 6 May 2013

Excerpt: Highland Knight

I haven't shared many excerpts from my One Knight Collection so I thought I'd share with you a moment from my short story, Highland Knight - also available as part of the collection! Hope you like it!

“Such manners. I’d not have expected a Sinclair to know how to treat a lady.”
He eyed her with a raised brow. “And I’d not have expected a Mackenzie lass to behave like a lady.”
Anna jutted her chin out. “I’m surprised ye recognise a lady when ye see one. I’d hardly expect a man like ye to keep company with noble folk.”
Niall chuckled and she stared at him in confusion, the sound thoroughly unexpected.
“I’ve kept company with many fine ladies, lass. The vast majority o’ them seem to enjoy my company very much.”
“In yer bed yer mean.”
“Aye, that is where they enjoy my company most.” He leant in towards her, lowering his voice. “I’d wager ye’ll enjoy it there too, Anna.”
Her eyes flew wide at his bold statement before she recovered. “Ha, enjoy being bedded by an arrogant Sinclair? I’ve heard ye’re all so poor in bed that ye wives can only stand ye once a month.”
“And I’ve heard all ye Mackenzie lasses are about as warm in bed as a Scotsman’s ballocks in winter.”
Anna could feel her cheeks flame and she turned with a huff. Wretched man. How was she going to stand a lifetime of being married to him? And there was an odd thought at the back of her mind, one that refused to go away. It told her that he was right. She would enjoy being bedded by him. Ack, not that she’d admit it. Niall thought Mackenzie lasses were cold? Well, that she could do. She decided that she would not utter another word to him this night - and forevermore if she could manage it.

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