Sunday, 23 June 2013

5 Amazing Castles

Ohhh research can be soo hard. Looking at pictures of amazing castles. So tough. I though I'd share with you 5 of the most amazing castles I've come across in my travels.

Swallows Nest, Ukraine
Built in 1911 on a 130ft high cliff. It now houses an Italian restaurant.

Hermitage Castle, Scotland

What remains was built in the 14th-15th Centuries. It is now just a shell but the impressive arches were built in the 19th Century. It was home to several vicious owners who not only committed some nasty crimes but also met ghastly endings.

Butrรณn Castle, Spain

Originally built in the middle ages, what remains today is mostly 18th Century stonework. It was built to be pretty rather than functional and fell into disuse eventually.

Penrhyn Castle, Wales

Built in 1820 from pink sandstone, the medieval-themed exterior of the castle houses comfortable and luxurious family rooms.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

First mentioned in the 13th Century, this castle is built into a natural alcove in the rock. What stands today was built in the 16th Century.


  1. The Ukraine one scares me a little...wayyyy too close to the edge there. LOL Beautiful castles! There is on in France, I believe, that I like. Not sure... but I do know it was used in "Ever After" and made me swoon!

  2. TBH I could probably have done 20 amazing castles as there are so many beautiful ones especially in Europe but I'll save those for another day! I will have to check out the Ever After one. I love that film!