Sunday, 6 October 2013

Cover Reveal: Saved by a Rake by Em Taylor

Please welcome Em Taylor as she reveals her cover for her upcoming release, Saved by a Rake. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter below to win a $10 Amazon GC!


The dance was called. It would be a waltz. Rebecca flushed slightly as he approached.

“Oh, Lord Ramsey. I am not sure a waltz is the most appropriate dance tonight?”

“The waltz is not to your taste, Lady Rebecca?”

“Oh I love to waltz. It’s just…” She blushed deeper and fumbled with her fan. He leaned close.

“As you know, the gossips like fresh news every day to discuss at their morning visits. I would suggest that we give them something other than the Earl of Newthorpe to discuss.”

Her eyes widened—then she smiled and accepted his arm to be led into their first waltz together.

He twirled her onto the floor before snaking his gloved hand around her waist. She stiffened and he moved backwards instinctually. Then she relaxed again as she looked up into his eyes. She placed her hand on his shoulder and her other was placed in his hand.

“All right?” he murmured as he considered faking a twisted ankle if it looked like she was going to freeze again. He had no doubt that, after her ordeal, she had no wish to be touched by a large, strong and virile man, even if half the ton was in attendance at this ball. 

The music started and she nodded before taking a deep breath and allowing him to lead her around the floor.

He would have wished to dance slightly further apart than was strictly necessary in order to give her the space she obviously desired but, as always was the case with the supper dance, the dance floor was busy.

He gripped her waist and pulled her closer as he turned her effortlessly before waltzing her past the open French windows. He asked her about her home this time, in an effort to take her mind off their close contact and keep her at her ease. 
As she relaxed into telling him about Chapelbrooke, her back became less rigid and her movements more fluid. He had to concentrate on her words to distract himself from the feel of her ball gown brushing gently against his own ankle every time he turned her. He could have quite happily danced with her all night, listening to enchanting stories of her girlhood and gleaning small bits of information with which to tease Eversley for years to come.

And now for the big cover reveal:

Cover by Veronica Fernandez

Saved by a Rake will be available at Amazon on 22nd November 2013


  1. I do not have a special regency hero as I think they are all fine in their own way.

  2. I love to read Regency-Victorian romances and I my list would have lots of heroes to name. Thank you for offering the gift certificate, I would use it to buy your beautiful book!

  3. love the cover and enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for the chance. All the best with the release